The South Carolina State Museum – Reaching For The Stars!sc

Jerry Blackwelder

Since 2014, when the SCSM added a 55 foot-digital dome planetarium, 4D theater, public observatory and telescope gallery, thousands of school children have been dazzled by the stars for the fi rst time in the new and amazing spaces. With extensive educational programming that reaches beyond the walls of the building itself, the SCSM has charted a new path of necessary STEM, robotics and astronomy education that is available to all children in South Carolina and beyond. All of this is in addition to the history, art and natural history programs that keep schools coming back year after year.

Boeing Observatory Educational Experiences:
The Boeing Observatory features a 1926 Alvan Clark 12 3/8” refracting telescope connected to state-of-the-art technology that gives students the ability to control the telescope and observe the night sky all from their classroom. On-site fi eld trips and distance learning programs for SC schools, as well as professional development opportunities for SC teachers are available.

Planetarium Experiences
The State Museum’s 55-ft digital dome BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina Planetarium offers an immersive learning environment for visiting students. Make sure to include one of the exciting and educational shows as part of your fi eld trip experience.

History & Art Programs
SCSM offers four new history and art programs. Colonial Life examines the founding of our state and the road to Revolution, and Palmetto State at War explores South Carolina’s pivotal role in the Civil War. Our Art, Our History takes a look at SC’s past from a more artistic point of view, and Eclipsing 50 celebrates the SC Arts Commission’s 50th anniversary and the state art collection.

4D Theater Experiences
The Rev. Dr. Solomon Jackson, Jr. 4D Interactive Theater at the State Museum provides a 3-D visual experience with the fourth dimension of environmental experiences like blasts of air, vibrating seats and water spray. Make sure to include one of the exciting and educational shows as part of your fi eld trip experience.


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