Historic Attractions in Currituck, NC

Jerry Blackwelder

Historic Corolla Park
Historic Corolla is home to many unique businesses as well as historic treasures. Your students can stroll the paths and visit several vintage historic homes. You’ll also find the relocated Kill Devil Hills Lifesaving Station and a restored Coast Guard Station.

Whalehead is an architectural treasure, a beautifully restored 1920s Art Nouveau style home open to your students for tours. Featuring walls 8 inches thick, the grand home was built by a wealthy industrialist so he and his wife could pursue waterfowl.

Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education
Your students will love the 8,000-gallon aquarium here as well as models of hunting and fishing boats, a duck blind and a million dollar decoy collection. Outisde is the best backyard around, a boat basin with a 950-foot boardwalk stretching into the Currituck Sound.

Currituck Beach Lighthouse
The distinctive Currituck Beach Lighthouse was the last tall brick lighthouse to be built along the North Carolina coast. It was first lit a decade after the end of the Civil War, and it’s lifesaving light reached 21 miles to warn sailors of shallow waters.

Historic Corolla Village
The Historic Corolla Village is a pedestrian friendly zone with the Lighthouse, Whalehead, Corolla schoolhouse and Corolla chapel all in easy walking distance. Your students will learn from the instructional signage describing the historic buildings and connect with the past in Corolla.

Wild Horse Museum and Store
Here in one of Corolla’s most visited attractions your students will learn about the legendary Corolla wild horses that have roamed this area for 500 years. They will also enjoy horse painting and live mustang visits. Proceeds from the Museum store benefit the non-profit Wild Horse Fund Museum.

Audobon Sanctuary at Pine Island
Pine Island is a sanctuary for birds and people as well, a place where your students can step into nature and experience wildlife they will find nowhere else. The sanctuary features a three-mile nature trail as well as visiting stands to enjoy the waterfowl.


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