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Jerry Blackwelder

Grassroots Science News Greensboro Science Center Is On the Move

The Greensboro Science Center is one of North Carolina’s most unique field trip destinations, providing a science museum, zoo, inland aquarium, planetarium and airborne rope course all in one location. Significant improvements are underway in all aspects of the Center.

Young students will be fascinated when they explore SciPlay Bay, a new ocean-themed playscape that allows them to pilot a submarine, have conversations with Tai, an animated red panda, and explore the sea from above and below water.

Seven full-size models of prehistoric dinosaurs are on display in the new temporary Destination: Dinosaur! gallery while the old dinosaur space is transformed into Prehistoric Passages: Realm of the Dragons. The new exhibit will feature live komodo dragons, artifacts and dinosaur replicas to tell the story of ancient life.

The popular Bodies Revealed exhibit continues along with HealthQuest, an exhibit that takes students on a tour of the body’s system to help them make healthy choices.

The SciQuarium will be expanded with 18 new tanks of fish and invertebrates like jellyfish, eels and sharks.

Outside in the Animal Discovery Zoo’s barn area, new farm animals will be found in the country chicken and rabbit yard as students learn about North Carolina agriculture. New Zoo animals are also on the way.

The Center’s parking lot is being expanded as well with additional spaces.

All of the Center’s programs conform to curriculum standards in science, and guides for educators are available on the Greensboro Science Center’s website at Email updates are also available.


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