Jerry Blackwelder

Students are fascinated with dinosaurs, and there’s no better place to learn about them than the Greensboro Science Center’s new Prehistoric Passages: Realm of Dragons exhibit.

The exhibit encompasses three galleries. As students enter, they will learn about the study of fossils as clues to the past. They find themselves in a giant crate where fossils are displayed and interpreted in one setting. Students can touch the fossils and
actually dig for them in a hands-on paleontological experience. 

In the main gallery, students stand among more than a dozen ancient animals, including a T. Rex. A flock of Pteranodons fly overhead. Indiana Bones gives students insight into the days of the dinosaurs. Dramatic lighting and projections create a moving atmosphere for students to experience life in the days of dinosaurs.

The third gallery, Bone Cabin Quarry, engages students using comparative anatomy to understand more about prehistoric animals. Here they will stand face-to-face with a live Komodo dragon and learn how scientists study animals living today to discover more about the past. 

The Greensboro Science Center welcomes school field trips. For more information visit or call (336) 288-3769. 



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